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Paterson is the kind of film that exudes brilliance through simplicity. Again, there is nothing really complex about this tale, but the imagery, the poetry, the sincere compassion give it so much heart, it's difficult not to fall in love with it. I'm always biased about stories with poets, artists, musicians, or writers of any kind, and Paterson moves into common, everyday situations with depth, detail, and an underlying beauty. Adam Driver plays a bus driver/poet who narrates his work as it is written across the screen. He is in a beautiful relationship with a woman who loves and supports his craft, and he, in turn, suports her dream of owning a cupcake business, along with wanting to be a country western singer. But more is going on. The constant encounters with twins represent the duality of life and art (thus the vocation as a bus driver to support the true poet). Paterson was an inspiration to create my own prose in a similar vein. Not that I would share it with anyone. But the movie is definitely worth a look.

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