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Lady Bird

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

If and when I branch off from horror and the more fantasy-aspects of fiction writing, I will attempt to go in the route of films like Lady Bird. This kind of genre is speaking so loudly to me at the moment, it's hard to ignore. Not sure I could if I wanted to. To be honest, I didn't think people were creating movies like this. Or I just never took the time to search them out. Again, I am very late to the party. I usually am. And I've seen Saoirse Una Ronan in 3 films now, and in every role, she leaves me in awe. Lady Bird, real heart, quirkiness, uproarious hilarity, and some of the best dialogue I've heard in a movie in a long long time. It's no wonder this film has such a following and such high ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Can't say enough good things about it, let alone Greta Gerwig who wrote and directed the film, along with the latest version of Little Women. That woman is doing some amazing things, and I might go so far as to call her an insanely talented genius. She's that good!

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