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Bright Star

I've been taking a long break from reading and writing and diving into a world I know very little about. Usually, it takes me about a week to finish a good movie, but these days I'm doing double-features, sometimes triple-features a night. I have no life. I'm just opening myself up to the possibilities of great movies and great story-telling, and in return, I've been discovering some of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. Some of these you've probably seen already, but I think they deserve another shout-out. I judge these on the basis of sheer beauty, raw emotion, and realism. There might even be some charm and magic thrown in. These are films to experience.

The first, and most powerful on my list is Bright Star, the re-telling of the life of John Keats. Saying it's beautiful doesn't do it justice. Let's just say I had to buy a copy for myself, and I've been reading John Keats ever since. It nailed me that much. I won't claim to understand everything beautiful poetry illustrates, but sometimes you run across a passage, a line, or a stanza that leaves you absolutely breathless, and your heart beating fast. John Keats is that kind of poet, and Bright Star is definitely worth the watch.

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