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Hill Haven Summary

Here's a rough summary of Hill Haven, coming soon:

It’s Halloween in Hill Haven Creeps, and the All Hallows Eve Midnight Traveling Spook Show has come to town. Empty tents flap in the breeze, but there’s no sign of the carnies.

For several close friends, the festivities have just begun. A masked figure carrying a knife haunts Trevor Sheevis in every reflection. Cole Reagor’s dream of being a stand-up comedian isn’t so funny anymore, and Tommy Gallaghan’s cell phone begins to make ominous threats.

When their friend, Stephen Delhomme turns missing, their worst fears come true.

The smell of autumn leaves is in the air, the first pumpkins are lit, and the crows begin to gather. The moon is full, and something is visible beyond the veil between the living and the dead, calling itself the Scarecrow King.

As Halloween approaches, the dead exchange places with the living, a festival that comes around once every hundred years. In Hill Haven, every fear will come to life.

Every dream will turn into a nightmare.

But as the wind begins to blow, will Halloween will have the final say?

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