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The Night of Dagon on Sale Now!

The Night of Dagon is now on sale, A Lovecraft Mystery for only 2.99!

It can be purchased here:

When Devlin Macky stole the Silver Bluebell from the Natural History Museum, he got far more than he bargained for.

Mordred Haddonfield, the old man from Castle Hills, wasn’t the most benevolent employer. The man was evil. Macky knew that, but he also needed the money.

The Bluebell was more than a priceless artifact. It was a summoning device, and it was being used to resurrect a cosmic, ancient evil—buried now for more than two thousand years.


Haddonfield was its worshipper. But he also wanted to be its master, and the Bluebell gave him the opportunity to carve his place in legend.

As Macky tries to stop Haddonfield, Castle Hills reveals secrets better left interred.

Dagon has not only risen . . . he is on his way to the city . . .

…to feed.

Can Macky stop a towering, hungry leviathan from the deep?

Or is the entire city of Innsport—and the rest of world—doomed?

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