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Golden Warrior

“Hello, Golden Warrior of the Sun. What did you do today?”

“Today, Father, I prayed for someone that I love. I sent out all the love to them and their family that I could, all the people they love and their families and friends. I sent out all the love and peace that I have inside of me, and I thought of them as often as I could. I wished I could take their pain away, but I could not. I wished I could do more for them, but I could not. So I just prayed. I prayed all day long. I felt, at times, even selfish, that I could not be with them, but I just continued to pray. I felt so helpless, though. I tried to be kinder to myself because I should have known I couldn't do more. But I wanted to do more, to listen better, hold their hands longer, hug them tighter, and ask more questions. But I could not. So I prayed. I have wept for them all day long and felt their pain. I longed to be with them and create magic, build a citadel, a haven, some place forever safe and beautiful that they could go to where they would feel safe and warm again. But I could not. So I just prayed, Father. But I was hard on myself.”

“Why were you hard on yourself?”

“Because I felt I could've done better. I could have done more. That I should've known I couldn't do more.”

“How could you have known?”

“I don't know.”

Golden Warrior looked into the bright, luminous eyes of his Father and began to weep.

“Why do you weep, Golden Warrior?”

“Because of pain. Because there's so much pain in the world, Father. And everything is broken.”

“Pain is impermanent. And it won’t always be broken. But it is good that you weep.”

“Why is it good to weep?”

“Because it means you have a heart. And heart is all there is. It means you care, and caring is what life is all about. It means you love, and there is nothing more powerful than love. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Father. It is good to weep.”

“Yes. And that is why you are a Golden Warrior. Be proud of your heritage, and do not ever be afraid to weep. There is courage in tears, and no one is more courageous than a Golden Warrior.”

“Thank you, Father.”

“You're welcome. Now finish your prayers . . . and run outside and play.”

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