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The Blowout Fourth of July Sale!

That makes it sound like I'm going out of business or something. I hope not, only hoping to keep the business going and make it grow. I have been hard at work taking a completely different approach to this publishing/writing gig. Fact is, a few years ago, I didn't really know what the hell I was doing, so I just randomly published a bunch of goofy stuff hoping it would take off. Ya live, ya learn, as the saying goes.

Lately, I've redone my website from scratch and have been experimenting with Facebook ads, along with some AMS ads to get sales and subscribers. I keep getting some good bites here and there, but taking it to the next level is my next task. The techy details don't come easy for me, but I'm learning as I go. It's not easy on the limited budget, but I'm giving it all I got. Funny the way life goes. You work your tail off with the full time job, plus trying to write, market, and save money, so you can share your tales with the world, and once all the bills get paid, you're sitting there with just enough to keep the fridge stocked. That is the quintessential starving artist lifestyle. But I made myself steak and eggs for breakfast this morning, so I have absolutely no right to complain, and at least I quit drinking years ago, and that's a plus. I live in Boulder, Colorado, a pretty nice place, (despite the cost of living) and as long as Barnes and Noble stays afloat (Hopefully a little while longer), I can keep hanging out in the back room opening boxes, sorting books, and listening to good music. So, I still get to be around books, see the mountains in the distance, and get steak and eggs for breakfast. Not a bad gig.

It has been nice seeing the subscriber list growing. When you check your email and see the "Congrats, you just got a subscriber!" - that's somehow cooler than a sale. The Snapdragon box set will be available for a while, so get it while you can. That's almost 700 pages of horror, dark fantasy, love and redemption that I'm hoping people will respond well to. I'm the kind of writer that wants to make you feel, laugh, cry, and shudder with fear in all the right ways. I think Snapdragon is a good example of that. It has a lot of everything in it.

But back to the blowout sale. I'm running out of my KDP days on Amazon, and I didn't buy any ads for them, so I figured I'd use them up on several books: Snapdragon Book I: My Enemy; Boone, and Castle Juliet. I pride myself on versatility, and I hope the readers can appreciate that. I know that the market says you should write in a series (Not that I don't have those), but I also have to write what's knocking at the door to come out. Castle Juliet is a playful, heartwarming tale that could be marketed to teens and even younger, but it's just as much and adult story and for adults, as it is for the younger crowd. Also, it's a great summer read.

Boone is a dark horror tale, my latest novel, which I describe as "Michael Myers meets Norman Bates in the pouring rain." It's a quick read, slasher sort of tale without all the gore and glorification on that part. I don't think horror should have all that gore; to me, it's like an unnecessary sex scene. It just doesn't ad to the story, unless it's central to the story. There's more important stuff going on there, and if you ever craved a moment's peace, you might understand where Boone is coming from.

Anyway, those are the three tales free for right now. I hope your weekend is treating you well, the burgers are on the grill , you're spending some quality time with good friends and family, and the cold beverages are flowing. (I'll take a sweet tea, myself). Happy Fourth!

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