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BRandon Berntson

Horror, fantasy, and children's fantasy

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Brandon Berntson grew up in various towns throughout Colorado, where most of his stories take place.  His work spans from serious, adult horror to playful, young adult fantasy and everything in between.  He is the author of Castle Juliet and When We Were Dragons, enchanting, magical reads for all ages.  He is also the author of Hill Haven Creeps and the Halloween King, Body of Immorality, a cryptic collection of horror stories, and the raw, adult themed All The Gods Against Me.

He loves art, music, indie films, classic horror films, and hockey.  He lives in Longmont, Colorado. 

My Books

The Lovecraft Mysteries

2019-0463 Brandon Berntson b01.jpg
2019-0467 Brandon Berntson b02.jpg

The Trilogy of Blood and Fire

2021-0151 Brandon Berntson b01.jpg
2021-0152 Brandon Berntson b02.jpg
2021-0153 Brandon Berntson b03.jpg


2022-1793 Brandon Berntson, Snapdragon.jpg
2022-1527 Brandon Berntson.jpg
2019-0466 Brandon Berntson (1).jpg
2022-1794 Brandon Berntson-Corona of Blue(thumbnail).jpg


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2020-0235 Brandon Berntson.jpg
2020-0237 Brandon Berntson b01 (1).jpg

Children's and Young Adult

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2020-0234 Brandon Berntson b01.jpg

Box Sets

2021-0736 Brandon Berntson  3d Box Set b
2021-0745 Brandon Berntson  3d Box Set b
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